Matt Savage Quartet – “I Know That You Know”

The Matt Savage Quartet plays a very uptempo version of Vincent Youmans’ Roaring Twenties standard “I Know That You Know”, live at Virtuosity Musical Instruments, Boston, MA. This tune was also made famous by Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins and Sonny

Matt Savage Groove Experiment – “What’s a Nightclub?” (Live)

The Matt Savage Groove Experiment plays “What’s a Nightclub?”, from their 2022 album The Groove Reawakens. This was a live performance at The Dance Hall in Kittery, ME (the southernmost town in Maine), on April 21, 2023. This tune is

Matt Savage Groove Experiment – “The Allston Anthem” (live)

The Matt Savage Groove Experiment plays pianist Matt Savage’s original composition, “The Allston Anthem”… which is also the first song off of the Experiment’s new EP “The Groove Reawakens.” “The Groove Reawakens” will be out on Friday, December 2, 2022,

“Etude No. 7″ – Live at Longy School of Music

Pianist Matt Savage plays his original Etude No. 7 in B Major, from a cycle of 12 Etudes for Piano, which were written during the pandemic and premiered in Boston last year (2021). This video is part of Savage’s debut

Matt Savage Trio – “The Savage Life Chose Me” – Live in New Hampshire

The Matt Savage Trio plays one of Matt’s brand-new original tunes, “The Savage Life Chose Me”. This song was recorded live in concert at the Old Meeting House, Francestown, NH, on August 30, 2020. And the August 30 concert was

Matt Savage Groove Experiment – “Sunny (For Sonny)” music video

Hello friends. I hope that you are all staying safe, happy and healthy in your quarantine. Here is a brand-new video from my fusion project, the Matt Savage Groove Experiment. This is a tune of mine called “Sunny (For Sonny)”