Matt Savage Trio – “The Savage Life Chose Me” – Live in New Hampshire

The Matt Savage Trio plays one of Matt’s brand-new original tunes, “The Savage Life Chose Me”. This song was recorded live in concert at the Old Meeting House, Francestown, NH, on August 30, 2020. And the August 30 concert was

Matt Savage Quartet – “The Savage Life Chose Me” (Split-screen virtual collaboration)

This is my first quartet video in a while and I’m really proud of what I have so far. This is a brand-new original composition of mine called “The Savage Life Chose Me.” It was written at the end of

Matt Savage Groove Experiment – “Sunny (For Sonny)” music video

Hello friends. I hope that you are all staying safe, happy and healthy in your quarantine. Here is a brand-new video from my fusion project, the Matt Savage Groove Experiment. This is a tune of mine called “Sunny (For Sonny)”

Matt Savage Trio – “I Know That You Know”

The Matt Savage Trio plays an underrated jazz classic called “I Know That You Know” by Vincent Youmans and Anne Caldwell. This tune was written in 1926 for the short-lived musical “Oh, Please!” – and it was further popularized 33

Matt Savage Groove Experiment – “Splash Variations” album trailer

This is the brand spankin’ new trailer for the Matt Savage Groove Experiment’s new EP, SPLASH VARIATIONS. The album will be out later this fall. We are a jazz fusion collective. Half of our tunes are instrumental, and half are

Matt Savage- “Got to Get You Into My Life” (Live in Boston)

I am excited to finally share with you a video from my fall 2016 Matt Savage: Piano Voyages CD release tour! This tune is the Beatles classic “Got to Get You Into My Life”; it’s the opening track on Piano

Matt Savage Trio- “Go On” (Live in Japan 2015)

This is the first YouTube video from my 2015 trio tour of Japan… it’s a new single called “Go On.” It really was exciting playing in Japan for the second time. And I hope to come back soon! This same

Matt Savage with Bobby Watson- BeanTown 2013 (“A Bigger Celebration” and “Cherokee”)

This promotional video was recorded live at Boston’s Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival on September 28, 2013. This was a special quartet concert featuring legendary alto saxophonist Bobby Watson alongside my original trio (with Boston musicians John Funkhouser and Steve Silverstein).

Matt Savage – “Game of Thrones” Theme Song (Live in Boston)

Here’s a cover of one of my favorite TV theme songs of recent times- the theme to the acclaimed HBO drama “Game of Thrones” (composed by Ramin Djawadi). Because, you know, winter is coming. This was recorded during my A

Matt Savage – “Take the A Train” (Live in Boston)

Here’s a video of me playing Billy Strayhorn’s immortal jazz standard “Take the A Train” during my A Bigger Celebration CD release tour.  The song celebrates my time in New York; I did my Master’s degree at Manhattan School of Music. This