Blog- April 2018

Hello friends.  I feel so excited writing this because I actually haven’t left New England in a long time.  But that’s going to change in a week or so as I hit the mid-Atlantic states… First, however, I’ll be doing

Blog- December 2016

I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of 2016… time flies after a long tour. Next year is 2017 and I will turn 25 years old in May! Since I haven’t been home too much in the last month,

Blog- October 2016

Today’s the big day; are you ready? My twelfth album is being released today.  It’s called Matt Savage: Piano Voyages and it’s solo piano.  And I’m about to follow it up with my longest tour ever, on both coasts.  Everything is so

Blog- July 2016

Things have been quite different this summer.  Even thought I’m still living in Boston, I’ve started with a new schedule of private students and am continuing to work on my new solo album Matt Savage: Piano Voyages. The Matt Savage

Blog- May 2016

I am so excited to announce the release of a new solo piano album on October 14.  It’s called Matt Savage: Piano Voyages.  This new CD will feature both originals and standards, and the musical direction will be much more exploratory

Blog- March 2016

It’s been a wild winter in terms of weather. Up here in the Northeast, we’ve experienced temperatures below zero and above 60 degrees. But that’s about to end with the arrival of spring… and a new album. Over the last

Blog- January 2016

It’s so exciting to be starting this new year in my musical and professional life. First of all, I appear on a new duet album with my bassist friend and fellow Berklee alumnus, Shota Ishikawa.  Released in Japan on New

Blog- August 2015

It feels good to be back in the Boston area again. I’ve been teaching piano and general music classes to students on the autism spectrum at Applied Behavioral Learning Services in Newton, MA.  And I’ve been doing a lot of

Graduation and More… (Blog- May 2015)

Light Up the Blues Thumbnail

It’s been such a long journey, but I am now done with my studies at Manhattan School of Music.  I am officially a Master of Music in Jazz Piano as of this May.  It’s an honor to have met and

Blog- April 2015

Hello to all. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. This month has been quite monumental for me… not only is this my last full month of graduate school (I will graduate in May), but April will also be the