Matt Savage Groove Experiment – The Groove Reawakens (2022)
Matt Savage – piano (all tracks except #2), electric piano (all tracks), synthesizer (tracks 1-3, 5)
Aaron Gratzmiller – tenor saxophone (tracks 1-4, 6), soprano saxophone (tracks 3, 5)
Javier Rosario – electric guitar
Evan Carley – electric bass
Zachary King – drums
Robbie Pate – vocals (tracks 5, 6)
Available now!  Released December 2, 2022
The Groove Reawakens is the second album (or “long EP”) by the Matt Savage Groove Experiment, and it’s also pianist/composer Matt Savage’s first album of any kind since 2018.
A lot has changed in the past four years (to say the least), but the Groove Experiment’s sound remains as unique as before.  There are four instrumental pieces and two vocal tunes on this new record, just like on the Groove Experiment’s first project (Splash Variations).  But this new release focuses a little bit more on the electric jazz improvisation, even though the pop music influence is still there.
“The Allston Anthem” and “What’s a Nightclub?” are new originals that represent the vibrant nightlife and music scene in Boston and beyond.  “Southie to SoHo” and “Escalator Music” are some of the earlier tunes in the Groove Experiment’s repertoire that have been reimagined for this new album.  “500 Miles High” and “Pick Up the Pieces” are the cover songs, with the former being a tribute to the dearly departed jazz legend, pianist/composer Chick Corea.
There are many improvisational highlights to be found throughout this record… from the saxophone/piano trades of “What’s a Nightclub?”, to the wild guitar solos throughout the album, to the extended piano solo just before the album’s conclusion.
We hope you enjoy this one.

Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA, on March 7 and 8, 2022

Executive Producer: Matt Savage
Recording Engineer: Joel Edinberg
Editing and Mixing: Lior Tzemach
Mastering:  Joel Edinberg 
Artwork and Graphic Design: Jessica Kion

Matt Savage Groove Experiment - The Groove Reawakens (2022)

  1. The Allston Anthem
  2. Southie to SoHo
  3. What's a Nightclub?
  4. Escalator Music
  5. 500 Miles High
  6. Pick Up the Pieces

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