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Available now!  Released June 16, 2023

Matt Savage – piano (all tracks except #3), electric piano (tracks 3, 4, 6, 10)
Mark Zaleski – alto saxophone (tracks 1-2, 4-10), soprano saxophone (tracks 3, 11)
Greg Loughman – bass
Zak King – drums

The Whole Package! is jazz pianist/composer Matt Savage’s most ambitious project yet, and the culmination of the difficult pandemic years.  It’s a companion album to The Groove Reawakens by the Matt Savage Groove Experiment, but it’s also Savage’s first acoustic “straight-ahead” jazz CD since 2016.

There are eight original jazz tracks and three cover songs included on The Whole Package!  “The Savage Life Chose Me” is the opener, starting with a drum solo by Zak King and quickly building to an extremely fast bebop head.  Matt Savage takes over with a dramatic and virtuosic piano solo, albeit one that also shows melodic restraint and the influence of past generations of pianists.  Mark Zaleski adds saxophone fuel to the fire, with a long solo that culminates in one very intense held note.

Many of the other tunes on this record hold a deep personal connection to the band.  “Pondside Waltz” features bassist Greg Loughman and was inspired by a walk around Jamaica Pond in Boston, while “The Next Dancer” was written in honor of the birth of Mark Zaleski’s first child.

There are also three standards, from vastly different decades – “You Must Believe in Spring” (1967), “I Know That You Know” (1926), and a version of Nirvana’s 1989 hit “About a Girl” that features an extended piano cadenza.

Intensely improvisational, yet with more sense of weight and maturity than on previous combo records, Matt Savage’s The Whole Package! is packed with surprises throughout.

Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA, from May 25-27, 2022

Executive Producer: Matt Savage
Recording Engineer: Joshua Lu, Wellspring Sound
Mixing and Mastering: Jonathan Wyner, M Works Mastering Studios
Artwork and Graphic Design: Jessica Kion
Photography: Joe Musacchia

The Whole Package! (2023)


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THE GROOVE REAWAKENS (Matt Savage Groove Experiment, 2022)

Available now!  Released December 2, 2022

Matt Savage – piano (all tracks except #1 and #2), electric piano (all tracks), synthesizer (tracks 1-3, 5)
Aaron Gratzmiller – tenor saxophone (tracks 1-4, 6), soprano saxophone (tracks 3, 5)
Javier Rosario – electric guitar
Evan Carley – electric bass
Zachary King – drums
Robbie Pate – vocals (tracks 5, 6)
The Groove Reawakens is the second album (or “long EP”) by the Matt Savage Groove Experiment, and it’s also pianist/composer Matt Savage’s first album of any kind since 2018.
A lot has changed in the past four years (to say the least), but the Groove Experiment’s sound remains as unique as before.  There are four instrumental pieces and two vocal tunes on this new record, just like on the Groove Experiment’s first project (Splash Variations).  But this new release focuses a little bit more on the electric jazz improvisation, even though the pop music influence is still there.
“The Allston Anthem” and “What’s a Nightclub?” are new originals that represent the vibrant nightlife and music scene in Boston and beyond.  “Southie to SoHo” and “Escalator Music” are some of the earlier tunes in the Groove Experiment’s repertoire that have been reimagined for this new album.  “500 Miles High” and “Pick Up the Pieces” are the cover songs, with the former being a tribute to the dearly departed jazz legend, pianist/composer Chick Corea.
There are many improvisational highlights to be found throughout this record… from the saxophone/piano trades of “What’s a Nightclub?”, to the wild guitar solos throughout the album, to the extended piano solo just before the album’s conclusion.
We hope you enjoy this one.

Recorded at Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA, on March 7 and 8, 2022

Executive Producer: Matt Savage
Recording Engineer: Joel Edinberg
Editing and Mixing: Lior Tzemach
Mastering:  Joel Edinberg 
Artwork and Graphic Design: Jessica Kion

The Groove Reawakens (2022)


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Splash Variations Digipak With CD

SPLASH VARIATIONS (Matt Savage Groove Experiment, 2018)

Available now!

Matt Savage – piano, keyboards
Aaron Gratzmiller – tenor sax (tracks 1, 2, 4-6), soprano sax (tracks 3, 5)
Michael Wang – trombone (2, 6), recorder (3)
Albino Mbie – guitar (all tracks)
Javier Rosario – guitar (2, 3, 6)
James Heazlewood-Dale – bass (2-6)
Soso Gelovani – bass (1)
Juan Mejia – drums
Robbie Pate – vocals (1, 4)

Splash Variations is the debut EP of the Matt Savage Groove Experiment, the new jazz fusion project from pianist/composer Matt Savage. Half of the tunes from this new band are instrumental, and half are vocal – but there’s also a tune where the entire lyrics are just “Splash!”Nine musicians in total are featured on this release – a core instrumental quintet plus several special guests. The group is also augmented by vocalist Robbie Pate, who appears on two tracks, including a “funkified” version of the classic standard “All the Things You Are.”The medley of “#SPLASH” and “Splash in G Major” forms the centerpiece of the album, while “Arigato” is a touching jazz waltz tribute to a recently departed drummer. The concluding track, “IDGAF,” is a long instrumental jam that features a distorted guitar solo, a trombone solo, and Matt Savage on both piano and electric piano.Splash Variations is the thirteenth release from Savage Records, and the start of a fresh new sound from Matt Savage. The Groove Experiment will also be touring in the next few months to accompany the release of the new album.

Splash Variations (2018)


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Matt Savage- piano (all tracks except #6), keyboard (tracks 3, 6)

Erena Terakubo- alto sax (track 10)

Matt Savage: Piano Voyages is Savage’s first solo piano album since 2000, and his most personal and introspective to date.  His intricate compositions explore settings from the urban to the marine.  Eight original songs by Matt are punctuated with jazz classics and even a rock cover.

“Got to Get You Into My Life” opens the album, putting the listener in a confident and romantic mood.  “Green” and “To the Sky” are tributes to the beauty of the earth, while “Southie to Soho” has a sense of optimism and resolution.  The album culminates with Herbie Hancock’s classic “Maiden Voyage.”

Piano Voyages is marked “No. 12” on the album cover to celebrate a dozen releases by Savage.  It’s Matt’s first studio album in three years and is yet another addition to an impressive and diverse discography.

Matt Savage: Piano Voyages (2016)


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IT’S MY REQUEST: LIVE AT BAR REQUEST (Shota Ishikawa and Matt Savage, 2016)

Shota Ishikawa- bass

Matt Savage- piano

Released on New Year’s Day 2016, this live piano/bass duo album (Matt’s first as a sideman) was recorded at Bar Request in Kobe, Japan, in September 2015.

The new album is primarily composed of jazz standards, with one exception: Shota Ishikawa’s driving original composition “Three Words You May Know.”  With only five long tracks, It’s My Request evokes the compact and “classic” feel of 1950s and ’60s releases from artists such as Bill Evans.

This live concert was part of Matt Savage’s second tour of Japan; Matt’s first tour (also with Shota) resulted in the Matt Savage Trio album A Live Celebration: Kobe, Japan.

It’s My Request (2016)

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THE DAY BEFORE (Single, 2015)

“The Day Before” is Matt’s second single of 2015, but it’s very different from the first one. “The Day Before” is a complex jazz ballad that includes several lasting melodies, unpredictable chords, and a couple of surprise solos.This is a trio piece, and it’s about looking forward many days into the future, knowing that there’s going to be a lot of suspense just before a big event (a holiday or a graduation day, for example). So it’s about looking forward to “the day before.”This single was recorded at New York’s Avatar Studios in May of 2015, just like Matt’s previous single (“Go On”).  Tom Berkmann plays bass and Richie Barshay is on drums.

The Day Before (Single, 2015)


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Matt Savage - "Go On" art

GO ON (Single, 2015)

“Go On” is an original jazz fusion single with many different sections, featuring a new quartet from New York (including Brandon Wright on tenor sax, Tom Berkmann on bass and Richie Barshay on drums). The song includes both piano and electric keyboard solos.

Matt wrote this song during his last year of graduate school; it represents a fresh and catchy “crossover” sound.  The single was recorded this spring at New York’s Avatar Studios; Matt is also currently working on an album.

Go On (Single, 2015)


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A Live Celebration cover art


Digital only – the limited edition physical CD has finished its run of 500 copies.

This is the companion album to Matt Savage’s 2013 release A Bigger CelebrationA Live Celebration: Kobe, Japan was recorded in 2012, during Matt’s first tour of Japan.  Matt Savage is on piano, Shota Ishikawa is on bass and Tatsuhiko Takeda is on drums.  Two new pieces (including the three-part “Session Suite”) are featured, alongside audience favorites from A Bigger Celebration and Welcome Home.

A Live Celebration: Kobe, Japan (2014)


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A Bigger Celebration


Available now!

A Bigger Celebration is Matt’s most ambitious release to date.  It was recorded over the course of three days in Boston.  The album is about “having fun,” and it chronicles some of life’s most wonderful moments.  Beach vacations, birthday parties, rock concerts and travel experiences are all depicted through the spontaneity and language of music.

A Bigger Celebration is Matt’s first album to include electronic keyboards.  Boston-area jazz greats Jerry Bergonzi (tenor sax) and Bruce Gertz (bass) join him in the studio, along with drummer Richie Barshay (who has toured with Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea).  Mark Zaleski appears as a special guest on two tracks, playing both alto and soprano saxophone.  Ten-time Grammy-winner Tom Bates partnered with Latin Grammy-nominated John Weston at Futura Productions to provide the engineering; Grammy-nominated Jonathan Wyner produced and provided mixing and mastering.

Fast-paced “A Bigger Celebration,” the title track, opens the album with colorful harmonies on top of unpredictable time signatures.  “A.B.C.” symbolizes the intensity of life and the great rewards that come with it.  Latin-tinged “Some Beach Somewhere” and Asian-influenced “Dream of the East” look forward to the future; “Power Pop” looks in a different direction and focuses on the pop and rock songs of today.  Three-part “A Fast Car In Summer” frequently changes tempos and includes both rock and jazz-influenced sections.  The expansive album culminates with a sweeping “Howler Monkey.”

A Bigger Celebration is a musical representation of becoming a young adult, with a release date not long after Matt’s 21st birthday.  It’s the kind of jazz album you can play in the car on the way to a party, with the volume turned up and the windows down.  It’s wild and fun, but in the end, it’s an affirmation of all the great things in life.  Different musical styles and sounds are represented, but the acoustic piano ultimately takes center stage.  A Bigger Celebration is Matt’s first release in three years and it comes after a very productive year of composing.  It’s Matt’s most autobiographical work.

A Bigger Celebration (2013)


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WelcomeHomeCoverWelcome Home is album #9 for Matt – recorded, mixed and mastered by the same stellar team as “Hot Ticket” nine-time Grammy winner Tom Bates and Grammy-nominee Jonathan Wyner.  Welcome Home celebrates the many places Matt now calls “home,” from the country to the city to concerts around the world.  Composed and arranged entirely by Matt, Welcome Home features both a quintet and a trio to showcase Matt’s music.  The quintet lineup reunites Matt with saxophone great Bobby Watson, with whom Matt performed seven years prior.  Bobby Watson is featured on alto sax, Jeremy Pelt on trumpet/flugelhorn, Joris Teepe on bass and Peter Retzlaff on drums.  Several of Matt’s new compositions appear as trio recordings with various configurations comprised of Joris Teepe and Peter Retzlaff as well as longtime bassist, John Funkhouser and drummer, Yoron Israel.  Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, the album features thirteen new and original songs including the five-part Big Apple Suite, inspired by Matt’s landmark musical appearances in Manhattan.  At the time, when he was a sophomore at Berklee College of Music, Matt used his campus experience as inspiration for the title track as well as the song, You Are Here.  Welcome Home takes the listener from the cycles of country life to the day-to-night rhythms of a metropolitan city.  “It’s about changing homes incredibly quickly and still calling it home,” says Matt.  “It’s about being suddenly bombarded with information and surrounded by people and then taking a break from that.  It’s about the fear of the inevitable … and the thrill of promise.  It’s about returning home as much as it is about going away.  And, more than anything, it’s about enjoying every minute of it.”

Welcome Home (2010) 


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Hot Ticket: Live in Boston is the Trio’s first LIVE album since “Chasing Your Tail.”  Matt’s growth even since “Quantum Leap” is chronicled here in a way seldom heard in a live album.  Recorded and mixed by multiple Grammy-winning sound engineer, Tom Bates, and mastered by Grammy-nominee, Jonathan Wyner, the music is heard clearly and in its full splendor.  The concert was recorded at Tufts University’s prestigious Distler Hall at the Granoff Music Center on September 29th and 30th, 2007.  This recording features Matt’s NY-based Trio, Dave Robaire on bass and Joe Saylor on drums.  Hot Ticket is comprised of live versions of Matt’s hits from previous albums, a slew of new hits written especially for this recording and a Savage-style take on Miles Davis’ Seven Steps to Heaven.  The album is true to its name… an upbeat, lively concert balanced with several gorgeous ballads by Matt, including Colors and Setting Sun. 

Hot Ticket:  Live in Boston (2008)


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Matt was a month shy of turning 14-years-old when he recorded this CD.  The brilliance of the CD proclaims Matt’s rocketing maturation in composition, versatility and technique.  Quantum Leap contains many of Matt’s impressive original compositions, such as “Curacao,” “Blues in 33/8” and the ASCAP-winning ballad “Serenity.”  However, Matt also puts his personal mark on such standards as “All The Things You Are” (Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II), “Monk’s Dream” (Thelonious Monk) and others.  His solo piano rendition of Thad Jones’ ballad “A Child is Born” is both soulful and passionate. Now that the Trio has become a well-seasoned musical entity, all three musicians showcase their individual styles and talents.  Quantum Leap is essentially a “coming out” party for Matt.  By including on the album odd-time-signature tunes, upbeat showstoppers, haunting and memorable ballads, hot Latin-based rhythms, down-and-out blues, standards and even a solo piano tune, Matt shows his ability to play anything and everything and make it his own.  Matt continues to amaze listeners with the complex melodies and harmonies of his original compositions while branding his own style onto jazz standards.  The Matt Savage Trio is on a new playing field now… where genius and joy make a quantum leap.

Quantum Leap (2006)


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12-yr-old Matt Savage showcases his burgeoning talent in this outstanding CD.  The name of the CD proclaims the dual significance of the music contained within.  Not only is Matt “cutting loose” from childhood, but he cuts loose in the jazz sense, exploring a wide range of styles and just going all out.  The studio-recorded CD launches with “Infected with Hemiola,” ending with a playful “Ladybug Bounce.”  “Don’t worry.  Hemiola is not a disease.  It’s just a musical term meaning that you play phrases from one time signature when you’re actually in another,” states Matt in the CD’s liner notes.  Thus begins a wild journey through musically complex twists and turns.  A 5/4 blues, a 7/4 piece, a stealthy “Pink Panther”-ish tune, a swing tune and haunting ballads last just long enough to squeeze in a waltz for Mom.  Of course, no Matt Savage Trio CD would be complete without a couple of fast-paced flag-wavers.  Matt wrote all fourteen of the tunes on this CD, and the range of his imagination and compositional skills is limitless.  This CD will captivate you from beginning to end.

Cutting Loose (2004)


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Chasing Your Tail is a live-in-concert CD recorded in January of 2003 at the Kravis Center’s Rinker Playhouse in West Palm Beach, FL.  It features almost entirely original tunes composed by Matt, including four “world premiere” tunes… El Fuego, The Music Box, Firecracker, and the title tune, Chasing Your Tail.  The only standards on the disk are Chelsea Bridge (by Billy Strayhorn), Body and Soul (by Johnny Green), and My Favorite Things (by Rodgers and Hammerstein).  Since Chasing Your Tail is a live CD, you hear Matt’s entertaining anecdotes and song announcements, as well as the spontaneous and creative musical interplay among the three musicians.  John Funkhouser shines on the bass and Steve Silverstein is awesome on the drums.

Chasing Your Tail (2003)


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Groovin_CoverGroovin’ On Mount Everest is The Matt Savage Trio’s first studio recording.  It contains over an hour of original compositions by 9-year-old pianist/leader Matt Savage, along with two standards by jazz greats Duke Ellington (Satin Doll) and Harburg/Arlen (Somewhere Over The Rainbow).  Groovin’ On Mount Everest is turning the jazz world on its ear.  Matt has thrown a curveball, stunning jazz lovers with the maturity and creativity of his compositions.  He is a more advanced pianist.  Listen to the CD, realize that Matt is still nine years old at the time of this recording, shake your head in disbelief, and listen again.

Groovin’ on Mount Everest (2002)


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All Jazzed Up is the first professional recording of The Matt Savage Trio.  It is also the first recording of the Trio live in concert.  It captures the magic of one of their first performances together as a band at The Deertrees Theatre in Harrison, ME on August 19th, 2001.  It contains mostly original compositions by 9-year-old pianist/leader Matt Savage, along with some jazz standards by Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Billy Strayhorn.  All Jazzed Up is to be appreciated not just for its excellent music but for the fact that its pianist/composer/bandleader is a mere child.  Matt’s compositional skills far exceed his age, and one can hear his blossoming talent on the piano.  This CD marks the beginning of a new stage in Matt’s race to achieve.  It is the album touted as the one to buy and hold as an early recording of one of jazz’s up-and-coming best musicians.  Matt has been called the “Mozart” of jazz, a 9-year-old composer with lightning fast fingers and an unbelievable sense of the harmonies, theory and complexities of jazz.

All Jazzed Up (2001) 


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Live at the Olde Mill (Early solo piano recording from 2000.  Currently unavailable)

One is Not Fun, but 20 is Plenty (Early solo piano recording from 2000.  Matt Savage / Eyran Katsenelenbogen – Currently unavailable)