Matt Savage Groove Experiment – Splash Variations (2018)

Matt Savage – piano, keyboards
Aaron Gratzmiller – tenor sax (tracks 1, 2, 4-6), soprano sax (tracks 3, 5)
Michael Wang – trombone (2, 6), recorder (3)
Albino Mbie – guitar (all tracks)
Javier Rosario – guitar (2, 3, 6)
James Heazlewood-Dale – bass (2-6)
Soso Gelovani – bass (1)
Juan Mejia – drums
Robbie Pate – vocals (1, 4)

Available now!  Released December 7, 2018

Splash Variations is the debut EP of the Matt Savage Groove Experiment, the new jazz fusion project from pianist/composer Matt Savage.  Half of the tunes from this new band are instrumental, and half are vocal – but there’s also a tune where the entire lyrics are just “Splash!”

Nine musicians in total are featured on this release – a core instrumental quintet plus several special guests.  The group is also augmented by vocalist Robbie Pate, who appears on two tracks, including a “funkified” version of the classic standard “All the Things You Are.”

The medley of “#SPLASH” and “Splash in G Major” forms the centerpiece of the album, while “Arigato” is a touching jazz waltz tribute to a recently departed drummer.  The concluding track, “IDGAF,” is a long instrumental jam that features a distorted guitar solo, a trombone solo, and Matt Savage on both piano and electric piano.

Splash Variations is the thirteenth release from Savage Records, and the start of a fresh new sound from Matt Savage.  The Groove Experiment will also be touring in the next few months to accompany the release of the new album.

Matt Savage Groove Experiment – Splash Variations (2018)

  1. All the Things You Are
  2. #SPLASH
  3. Splash in G Major
  4. Show Me the Way
  5. Arigato
  6. IDGAF

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