The new duo album by Shota Ishikawa and Matt Savage is now available.  It’s called It’s My Request: Live at Bar Request, and it was released on New Year’s Day 2016.  Shota is a great bass player friend of mine from Japan, and we also played together on my most recent album, A Live Celebration: Kobe, Japan.  You can order It’s My Request here. 

It’s My Request will be followed up by a new solo piano album, Matt Savage: Piano Voyages, in October 2016; I recorded this CD in March and July.

The film Sound of Redemption: The Frank Morgan Story, for which I did the score, is continuing its tour of theaters around the US.

And I am back in the Boston area, doing performances and teaching at different community schools.  For private lessons, see the “Contact” page.

“Go On” Live in Japan 2015:
Go On Japan Thumbnail

“Get Lucky” with Matt Savage Groove Experiment:
Get Lucky Thumbnail

“Bolero” from Matt’s Master’s Degree Recital:
Bolero Thumbnail
“Ask Me Now” from Matt’s Master’s Degree Recital:
Ask Me Now Thumbnail
“A Bigger Celebration” and “Cherokee” Live at BeanTown 2013 with Bobby Watson:
BeanTown Thumbnail
Prelude No. 11 in Bb Major:
Prelude 11 Thumbnail

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