Robert Rogler - Sing a Song of Seasons (2023)

  1. Pippa’s Song (Six Spring Songs)
  2. Spring (Six Spring Songs)
  3. Loveliest of Trees (Six Spring Songs)
  4. The Lamb (Six Spring Songs)
  5. Laughing Song (Six Spring Songs)
  6. A Cradle Song (Six Spring Songs)
  7. Bed in Summer (Six Summer Songs)
  8. The Little Cares (Six Summer Songs)
  9. Summer Sun (Six Summer Songs)
  10. Hurt No Living Thing (Six Summer Songs)
  11. At the Seaside (Six Summer Songs)
  12. Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day (Six Summer Songs)
  13. To Autumn (Six Autumn Songs)
  14. Fall, Leaves, Fall (Six Autumn Songs)
  15. A Night in November (Six Autumn Songs)
  16. Autumn Fires (Six Autumn Songs)
  17. My November Guest (Six Autumn Songs)
  18. Ode to the West Wind (Six Autumn Songs)
  19. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (Six Winter Songs)
  20. The Chimney Sweeper (Six Winter Songs)
  21. How Like a Winter Hath My Absence Been (Six Winter Songs)
  22. The Visionary (Six Winter Songs)
  23. La Belle Dame Sans Merci (Six Winter Songs)
  24. Human Seasons (Six Winter Songs)