Matt Savage plays on the first half of this album by guitarist Jonathan Hurley.  The band for these three tracks consists almost entirely of faculty from Bunker Hill Community College in Boston.
(Tracks 1-3)
Jonathan Hurley – guitar
Dennis Shafer – tenor saxophone (track 1)
Matt Savage – piano
Yaman Akdogan – electric bass
Karol Zabka – drums
(Tracks 4-7)
Jonathan Hurley – guitar
Jason Felitto- bass
Kyle Ruggieri- drums
Tomoko Iwamoto- violin
Sally Martin- violin
Matt Ambrose- Bass
Juan Ruiz- Clarinet
Matthew Girard- Engineer
Patrick Fitzgerald- Mastering

Jonathan Hurley - Never Again: Part Two (2020)

  1. Doing It
  2. Oddity
  3. Waste Cascade
  4. Spring Walking
  5. Middle Aged Jazzercise Retreat
  6. Somewhere Out There
  7. Transcend