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Welcome Home is Matt’s highly anticipated ninth jazz album - recorded, mixed and mastered by the same stellar team as “Hot Ticket” nine-time Grammy winner Tom Bates and Grammy-nominee Jonathan Wyner.  Welcome Home celebrates the many places Matt now calls “home,” from the country to the city to concerts around the world.  Composed and arranged entirely by Matt, Welcome Home features both a quintet and a trio to showcase Matt’s music.  The quintet lineup reunites Matt with saxophone great Bobby Watson, with whom Matt performed seven years ago.  Bobby Watson is featured on alto sax, Jeremy Pelt on trumpet/flugelhorn, Joris Teepe on bass and Peter Retzlaff on drums.  Several of Matt’s new compositions appear as trio recordings with various configurations comprised of Joris Teepe and Peter Retzlaff as well as longtime bassist, John Funkhouser and drummer, Yoron Israel.  Recorded at Systems Two Recording Studio in Brooklyn, the album features thirteen new and original songs including the five-part Big Apple Suite, inspired by Matt’s landmark musical appearances in Manhattan.  Presently a sophomore at Berklee College of Music, Matt used his campus experience as inspiration for the title track as well as the song, You Are Here.  Welcome Home takes the listener from the cycles of country life to the day-to-night rhythms of a metropolitan city.  “It’s about changing homes incredibly quickly and still calling it home,” says Matt.  “It’s about being suddenly bombarded with information and surrounded by people and then taking a break from that.  It’s about the fear of the inevitable … and the thrill of promise.  It’s about returning home as much as it is about going away.  And, more than anything, it’s about enjoying every minute of it.”


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Hot Ticket: Live in Boston is the Trio’s first LIVE album since "Chasing Your Tail." Matt’s growth even since “Quantum Leap” is chronicled here in a way seldom heard in a live album. Recorded and mixed by multiple Grammy-winning sound engineer, Tom Bates, and mastered by Grammy-nominee, Jonathan Wyner, the music is heard clearly and in its full splendor. The concert was recorded at the Trio’s concert series at Tufts University’s prestigious Distler Hall at the Granoff Music Center on September 29th and 30th, 2007. This recording features Matt’s newest NY-based Trio, Dave Robaire on bass and Joe Saylor on drums. Phenomenal musicians, Dave and Joe have been performing with Matt worldwide for the last year, including at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival in June of 2007. Hot Ticket is comprised of live versions of Matt’s hits from previous albums, a slew of NEW hits written especially for this recording and a Savage-style take on Miles Davis’ Seven Steps to Heaven. The album is true to its name…an upbeat, lively concert balanced with several gorgeous ballads by Matt, including Colors and Setting Sun. Listen to clips from the album on the web site!!!!


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Quantum Leap

Matt was a month shy of turning 14-years-old when he recorded this CD. The brilliance of the CD proclaims Matt’s rocketing maturation in composition, versatility and technique. Quantum Leap contains many of Matt’s jaw-dropping original compositions, such as “Curacao,” “Blues in 33/8” and the ASCAP-winning ballad “Serenity.” However, Matt also puts his personal mark on such standards as “All The Things You Are” (Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II), “Monk’s Dream” (Thelonious Monk) and others. His solo piano rendition of Thad Jones’ ballad “A Child is Born” is both soulful and passionate. Now that the Trio has become a well-seasoned musical entity, all three musicians showcase their individual styles and talents with wonderful give and take. Quantum Leap is essentially a “coming out” party for Matt. By including on the album odd-time-signature tunes, upbeat showstoppers, haunting and memorable ballads, hot Latin-based rhythms, down-and-out blues, standards and even a solo piano tune, Matt shows his ability to play anything and everything and make it his own. Matt continues to amaze listeners with the complex melodies and harmonies of his original compositions while branding his own style onto jazz standards. The Matt Savage Trio is on a new playing field now… where genius and joy make a quantum leap.


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Cutting Loose

12-yr-old Matt Savage showcases his burgeoning talent in this outstanding CD. As both composer and artist, he infuses youthful exuberance and “old soul” experience into every tune. The name of this CD proclaims the dual significance of the music contained within. Not only is Matt “cutting loose” from childhood, but he cuts loose in the jazz sense, exploring a wide range of styles and just going all out. The studio-recorded CD begins with a jazzy tune entitled, Infected with Hemiola and ends with a playful Ladybug Bounce. “Don’t worry. Hemiola is not a disease. It’s just a musical term meaning that you play phrases from one time signature when you’re actually in another,” states Matt in the CD’s liner notes. Thus begins a wild journey through musically complex twists and turns. A 5/4 blues, a 7/4 toe-tap, a stealthy “Pink Panther”-ishtune, a swing tune and haunting ballads pause just long enough to squeeze in a waltz for mom. Of course, no Matt Savage Trio CD would be complete without a couple of fast-paced flag-wavers to send your socks flying. There are even a few “edgy” jazz tunes unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Matt wrote all fourteen of the tunes on this CD, and the range of his imagination and compositional skills is limitless. Bursting with intricate time signatures,intoxicating ballads and flat-out fun, this CD will captivate you from beginning to end.


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Chasing Your Tail is a live in-concert CD recorded in January of 2003 in The Rinker Playhouse at The Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, FL. It features almost entirely original tunes composed by Matt, including four “world premier” tunes… El Fuego, The Music Box, Firecracker, and the title tune, Chasing Your Tail. The only standards on the disk are Chelsea Bridge (by Billy Strayhorn), Body and Soul (by Johnny Green), and My Favorite Things (by Rodgers and Hammerstein). Since Chasing Your Tail is a live CD, you hear Matt’s entertaining anecdotes and song announcements, as well as the spontaneous and creative musical interplay among the three musicians. John Funkhouser shines on the bass and Steve Silverstein is awesome on the drums. Although the album was recorded when Matt was just 10-years-old, it is the most recent of the Trio’s live concert CDs.


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Groovin’ On Mount Everest is The Matt Savage Trio’s first studio recording. It contains over an hour of original compositions by 9-year-old pianist/leader Matt Savage, along with two standards by jazz greats Duke Ellington (Satin Doll) and Harburg/Arlen (Somewhere Over The Rainbow). Groovin’ On Mount Everest is turning the jazz world on its ear. Matt has thrown a curveball, stunning jazz lovers with the maturity and creativity of his compositions. He is a more advanced pianist. Listen to the CD, realize that Matt is still nine years old at the time of this recording, shake your head in disbelief, and listen again.


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All Jazzed Up is the first professional recording of The Matt Savage Trio. It is also the first recording of the Trio live in concert. It captures the magic of one of their first performances together as a band at The Deertrees Theatre in Harrison, ME on August 19th, 2001. It contains mostly original compositions by 9-year-old pianist/leader Matt Savage, along with some jazz standards by the talented Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Billy Strayhorn. All Jazzed Up is to be appreciated not just for its excellent music but for the fact that its pianist/composer/band leader is a mere child. Matt’s compositional skills far exceed his age, and one can hear his blossoming talent on the piano. This CD marks the beginning of a new stage in Matt’s race to achieve. It is the album touted as the one to buy and hold as an early recording of one of jazz’s up-and-coming best musicians. Matt has been called the “Mozart” of jazz, a 9-year-old composer with lightning fast fingers and an unbelievable sense of the harmonies, theory and complexities of jazz.


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